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Nachfolgend aktuelle Neuigkeiten aus der Bioinformatik als RSS-Feed. Anklicken der jeweiligen Überschrift bringt Sie auf eine externe Seite, wo Sie die gesamte Nachricht lesen können.

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Neue Software:

(Die Namen der Software fungieren als
Link zum jeweiligen Anbieter)

The Leiden Open (source) Variation Database (LOVD) To provides a flexible, freely available tool for the gene-centered collection and display of DNA variations.

Mutalyzer aims to support checks of sequence variant nomenclature according to the guidelines of the Human Genome Variation Society.

Human Genome Variation Nomenclature
The Human Genome Society has established a committee to suggest standards for the description of sequence variants in DNA, RNA, and protein sequences. The standards are linked here.

InteroPorc is an automatic prediction tool to infer protein-protein interaction networks. It is applicable for any species present in the Integr8 database (more than 1500 organisms). The method combines known interactions and clusters of orthologous proteins. The tool can be downloaded or used through the web application.

INTEGRALL is a freely available, text-based search system developed to collect and organize information on integrons. There are more than 4800 integron sequences in the database.